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The Annual General Meeting is usually held in August each year.
Special Meetings

A special meeting shall be called for any purpose at the request in writing by at least four members. Such a request shall be delivered to the secretary.

The request for a special meeting must be accompanied by an outline of the subject matters to be discussed.

The secretary shall, within seven days of receipt of a request for a special meeting, issue a notice of meeting to all members, such notice to give the outline of the subject matters to be discussed.

Deliberative motions shall be confined to the subject matter of the business paper of the meeting.

Notice of Meeting
At least ten days notice of each meeting shall be given to each member.

Summary AGM Meeting 5pm 26 November 2016

President's Message

Catherine Harris tabled the President’s Report previously circulated to members. She highlighted the consultation with landowners about the proposed new BMCC LEP zoning and consultation with the council. The consensus reached and conveyed to the council was adopted by the BMCC. The issue of extensive lobbying about the state of communications in the Megalong Valley - both mobile and internet was discussed. It was noted that a meeting with both Lithgow and the Blue Mountains Council and Telstra was held pointing out our need for their support and the lack of communications including:

  • Severe occupational safety risk, especially with fire risks;

  • Hindrance to running businesses in the valley;

  • Difficulty for students to complete their studies; and

  • The expectations of communities in modern societies.

This was followed by a visit to the valley by the Minister for Communications Mitch Highfield who committed to have the valley on the "black spot" project for next year.

The issue of unnecessary green bins was raised with the BMCC and those residents who no longer required them had completed the relevant documents and had them removed. The Report was noted.

Treasurers Report

The financial results to the year to 30th June, 2016 were circulated and tabled. It was noted that the association had $435.61 in the bank. The Report was noted.

Election of Office and Committee Bearers

A motion was passed that the recent officeholders be re-elected:

  • President: Catherine Harris

  • Deputy President: Russell Gracey

  • Honorary Secretary: Hans Kozciki

  • Treasurer: Roger Hudson

  • Communications Website Officer: Ian Annetts

General Business

  • Out of control weeds are becoming of concern, especially Serrated Tussock. It was agreed that the committee take the matter up with the relevant Weeds Officer of both BMCC and LCC.

  • All owners and residents were reminded to have a current Fire Plan in place, as this fire season looked particularly bad.

  • Internet and phone issues were again discussed. The President to maintain contact with Minister Mitch Fifield re this.

  • It was agreed that Rod Hill write on behalf of the association to the BMCC regarding the poor drainage on Nellies Glen road that results in road surface degradation following rain.

  • The public camping area on Megalong Road: often in summer campers leave fires burning when total fire bans are in place. Suitable signage is required to reduce RFS call-outs. Many campers use the adjacent creek or the creek bank for toilet purposes, leaving behind filthy waste. Signage to use facilities might assist. These items to be brought to the BMCC attention.

  • Meeting Close 5.40pm

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