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The Annual General Meeting is usually held in August each year.
Special Meetings

A special meeting shall be called for any purpose at the request in writing by at least four members. Such a request shall be delivered to the secretary.

The request for a special meeting must be accompanied by an outline of the subject matters to be discussed.

The secretary shall, within seven days of receipt of a request for a special meeting, issue a notice of meeting to all members, such notice to give the outline of the subject matters to be discussed.

Deliberative motions shall be confined to the subject matter of the business paper of the meeting.

Notice of Meeting
At least ten days notice of each meeting shall be given to each member.

Summary AGM Meeting 11am 2nd September 2017 - Updated 20th October 2017

President's Message

Annual General Meeting, Cathy thanked everyone for coming and asked everyone to introduce themselves to the meeting.
Special thanks to the Community Association and Megalong Fire Brigade.

Cathy stated that as landholders we are all custodians of Megalong and have an obligation to care for the land. She also wish to thank the previous landowners for maintaining the land as well as the indigenous landholders before them.

Part of the associations role is to ensure Megalong receives the services, infrastructure and support from government instrumentalities to enable landholders to maintain their properties.

Funding Mobile Black Spot Program - Megalong Valley is listed as a priority location for funding for Round 3 of the mobile back spot program but the Federal Government has still not requested any tenders to be issued by the Dept of Communications.

It was agreed that the association should follow up progress of this matter particularly with regard to safety of residents during bushfires and loss of income to local businesses.
Rod Hill agreed to chair the committee.

Noxious Weeds - A letter was forwarded to BMCC in January 2017 and they responded that they had carried 5,500 inspections throughout the Council area and due to limited resources would investigate the problem as time permits. Members were requested to advise the Bushlands Operations Team Leader, Dave Whiteman with details of any problems

No Further Action

Megalong Camping Ground Concerns -Megalong RFS has erected signs reminding campers to ensure they extinguish fires before leaving.
BMCC placed rock bollards to exclude vehicle access to the western portion of Old Ford Reserve. This section of the reserve is secluded and a range of illegal and antisocial behaviour was reported as occurring there.

No Further Action

Treasurers Report

The financial results to the year to 30th June, 2017 were tabled. It was noted that the association had $550.86 in the bank. The Report was noted.

Election of Office and Committee Bearers

A motion was passed that the recent officeholders be re-elected:

  • President: Catherine Harris

  • Deputy President: Russell Gracey

  • Honorary Secretary: Ian Annetts

  • Treasurer: Roger Hudson

  • Communications Website Officer: Ian Annetts

General Business

  • Some residents expressed concern that push bike riders riding on the Glen Rd were in danger of not been seen especially in the shady spots by people in vehicles which could result in a bad accident.

  • BMCC has advsed the MVLA NSW Road Rules 2014 Section 144-2 states, in part, passing a cyclist over the double barriers lines on Megalong Rd is allowable, if safe to do so. Also the upper section of Megalong Rd will be reviewed for the provision of additional signage, including cyclist warning signage

  • Association noted that Hans no longer would be able to stand for Secretary and Cathy thanked Hans for his contribution over the last few years

  • Investigate alternatives to NBN

  • Investigation revealed that it is not cost effective to install Microwave links in Megalong due to the hilly terrain as the cost would be prohibitive.

  • Request explanation for additional charges included on rates for Emergency and septic levy

  • The Emergency Levy commenced in 1996-1997 and is unique to the Blue Mountains as the City is located in an at-risk landscape which requires higher levels of resources. The Septic Levy was introduced by the State Government after contaminated water entered the water catchment which required Councils to cover the cost of septic system inspections.

  • Lithgow Peach Tree Rd needs grading. - No Further Action
  • Important to get as many people contact details to support our requests for action from Council.

Meeting closed 12.05p

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