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Welcome to Megalong Valley Landowners Association Web Site

The Megalong Valley Landowners Association was established in June 1994 to preserve the rural nature of Megalong Valley and represent Landowners interests to local council.

There are no set dates for meetings but are held when topical issues affecting all residents are raised. The Association is incorporated.

New Members Welcome

Membership shall be by nomination from existing members of the Association on the application following. The Secretary will then forward the application to the Associations Management Committee to determine whether to reject or approve the nomination.

Membership Application Form

Mobile Base Station for Megalong Valley
Proposal to install a mobile phone base station at 993 Megalong Road, Megalong Valley NSW 2785 (Lot 1 DP 844975)

Update  Representatives from Telstra and a number of Megalong Valley Landowners Association members surveyed several prospective alternative mobile base station sites and Telstra will advise MVLA of the outcome, following analysis of the data.

Details about the proposed facility and its emissions can be found on the website or by contacting Kirra Hartley Town Planner, of Visionstream Pty Ltd directly, phone: 1300 745 210 or email

Updated BMCC Weed Strategy 2010
BMCC are inviting key stakeholders to let us know of any new weed management issues which you think the revised document should address or of any issues you are aware of concerning implementation of the previous strategy.

A summary of the 93 page BMCC Weed Strategy document can be viewed here BMCC Weed Summary 2010

Click on the link to download the document 2010 Blue Mountains Weed Strategy - FINAL VERSION small.pdf

Please provide any comments to Linda Thomas, BMCC Weed Officer by 7 May to be considered for inclusion in this first draft.

Submissions should be forwarded to

Landowners Submissions for Comment

If you have something you wish to bring to the Associations attention then you can use the Contact Us link at the top of the page and Post a message, which will be raised at the next meeting.

Impact of noise and flight paths from the new airport as the planes will be running 24/7 and much lower than currently. Should we have a community voice around this?

Report on wild dog and feral animal training that the LLS ran on behalf of the MVLA?

Report on survey about animals in emergency situations?

Additional information is available from Blue ARC FaceBook page
Springwood Neighbourhood Centre are also supporting the group and can be contacted by phone: 02 4751 3033 or Email:

New Fire Trails Standards

The Fire Trail Standards were gazetted on 8 September 2017.

Fire trails will also need to be maintained and inspected regularly. Signage will also be installed on these fire trails so firefighters know the standard to which they’re constructed. This will help ensure firefighters can safely operate from trails and clearly identify access points and the limitations of each trail.

Over the coming years the network will be continually improved based on these standards. The aim of the legislation is to provide a strategic network to improve access for fire fighting and hazard reduction.

Local Bush Fire Management Committees will be responsible for identifying the needs for the fire trail network in their area.

Fire trails on private land
In some areas, the local Bush Fire Management Committee may identify the need for a fire trail on private property. If the fire trail is identified on private land the NSW RFS will seek to enter into an agreement with the landholder to establish the fire trail

More Information
You can find out more about the strategic fire trail network by emailing Also monitor NSW RFS Fire Trails website for updates

Fire and Emergency Services Levy Deferred 30th May 2017

Premier has deferred the introduction of the levy due to the unreasonable burden placed on small to medium businesses.

For more info go to

Megalong Valley and the impact of the National Broadband Network (NBN)

The following information is provided via NBN website and a consultant on the 1800 687 626 as at 07/02/2017.

Megalong Valley will only have access to the NBN via the Sky Muster satellite service which is available now from the following providers;

SkyMesh (1300 879 626), Activ8me (13 22 88), Ant Communications (1300 268 266), BorderNET (1300 730 302), Clear Networks (1300 855 215), Harbour ISP (1300 366 169),
iiNet(13 19 17),IPSTAR (1300 477 827), Reachnet Satellite Plans(1300 798 007), Westnet satellite plans(1300 455 806).

In nbn Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster (satellite) areas you will have the choice to maintain your existing phone service over the copper network and or access a VoIP service over the nbn™ network using nbn™ Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster™ (satellite) technologies.

Your existing copper line or equivalent service will not be altered or changed by the nbn fixed wireless or Sky Muster™ installation in your home.(Note check with your current provider to see if they will still be able to continue to provide a service for your phone and broadband after the cut over date)

Fixed line - What services will be switched off?

When we complete the nbn network in an area we will notify local residents that the new network is ready. At this stage, most residents will be able to connect to services over the nbn™ network and affected residents (see further below) should do so before the scheduled switch off date (the point when we disconnect the existing network see further below) for their property. After the switch off date, most of the existing landline networks used for landline phone and internet services, including copper and the vast majority of HFC networks, will be replaced by the nbn™ network.

Services provided over the traditional landline networks, which will be disconnected in each area include:

  • Telstra Home/landline phone services (except some Telstra Velocity lines)

  • Home/Landline phone services from all other phone companies, where the service is provided over Telstra's copper phone lines

  • All ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ internet services from all providers

  • Telstra BigPond cable internet services

  • Optus cable internet and cable phone services (switch-off date yet to be determined)

  • Other services listed below.

The switch off date is typically around 18 months after residents are notified that the nbn network is available to them. (Note NBN has not set a change over date for Megalong Valley at this time). If you currently use these services you are likely to be affected. If you want to keep using your landline phone and internet services, you will need to move them to a plan over the nbn network before your scheduled disconnection date. NBN recommend contacting your existing provider to find out how, and, if so, when, you will be affected by the scheduled switch off date in your area. If you don’t want to connect to the nbn network, you can ask your preferred provider about other options like mobile phone and mobile broadband.

Prepare prior to switch off

Moving to the nbn™ network is not automatic. You should call a phone company or internet service provider so you can discuss all your requirements before ordering your services and booking an installation, if required. Your service provider will be able to talk you through the options and the range of plans for services over the nbn™ network. If you have any questions about your current contract, you should contact your existing provider. After notification that you can switch to the nbn™ network, you will generally have around 18 months to move before your landline phone and internet services are switched off. We will send you reminders, but if you are affected, we highly recommend switching well before your scheduled switch off date as it may take time to process your order.

Services that will not be switched off

If you subscribe to Foxtel Pay TV and it’s provided over satellite or Telstra Cable, it will not be switched off as part of the nbn rollout. If you access any Foxtel services via the internet (for example, through an Xbox 360/PC/tablet/smartphone/smart TV), you will need an internet connection in line with Foxtel’s minimum requirements. The only other exceptions to the switch-off are a set of special services mainly used by businesses, or phone or internet services that are already provided over fibre, or through a network provided by a building owner, or a network that's not owned by Telstra or Optus (such as Pivit or OptiComm).

If you have any other questions, please call us on 1800 687 626.

NSW Local Land Services (Formerly LHPA or Rural Protection Board)

Local Land Services is a new way to deliver services, information and advice to farmers and landowners in rural and regional NSW.

Megalong Valley BMCC LGA is within the Greater Sydney Local Land Service Region with offices in Penrith Ph 1300 795 299,Address: Level 4, 2-6 Station Street, Penrith NSW 2750 Postal: PO BOX 4515, Westfield Penrith 2750, Phone: (02) 4725 3050 Fax: (02) 4725 3088

Whilst Megalong Valley Lithgow LGA is in Central Tablelands Ph 1300 795 299, 3 Ordnance Avenue, PO Box 3109 Bowenfels NSW 2790, Lithgow NSW 2790 Ph: 02 6350 3110, Fax: 02 6352 2326

Regionally-based, Local Land Services will consist of semi-autonomous statutory organisations, governed by locally elected and skills-based Board members.

Local Land Services Local Boards will represent local priorities and report to a State Board of Chairs. All are accountable to the Minister for Primary Industries.

Local Land Services brings together:

  • Livestock Health and Pest Authorities

  • Catchment Management Authorities

  • Some advisory services of the Department of Primary Industries.

Local Land Services will deliver integrated agricultural industry advice, bio-security and natural resource management functions, and give greater accountability, improved governance and more ownership to landholders. More Information